The 1031 Exchange Explained

In the world of real estate, the Section 1031 exchange has been a significant tool for investors who want to grow their real estate portfolio and wealth. In this video, we’ll explain how a 1031 exchange works and important considerations when using one.

What To Do With Old Retirement Accounts

You likely have at least one old retirement account if you’ve ever changed employers. These accounts stay exactly as you left them unless you take action. In this video, we’ll provide options for what to do with those old accounts.

Avoid common missteps with Qualified Small Business Stock

Qualified Small Business Stock can offer significant tax savings, but it’s essential to understand the nuances. This article provides an overview of benefits, eligibility criteria, and common pitfalls, providing valuable guidance to help you navigate QSBS complexities.

Grace under fire: tactful techniques for handling negative reviews

Uncover the power of online reviews in shaping your business’s public persona and their financial implications. Learn to identify fake reviews and respond strategically to negative feedback. Also, explore how to bolster your online presence with positive reviews and exceptional customer service.

Two Estate Planning Strategies to Help Protect Wealth

A goal of estate planning is to maximize the wealth that is passed on to one’s heirs. In this video, we’ll discuss how a Spousal Lifetime Access Trust and an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust may help you minimize estate taxes and protect wealth.

The Key Functions of Your Nonprofit Board

Nonprofit board service can be as exhausting as it is rewarding. Whether you are on a board yourself, thinking about joining a board, or seeking to improve the one you sit on, here are three things that high-functioning nonprofit boards get right.

IRS targets ESOPs in efforts to boost compliance

IRS cracks down on ESOPs: what does this mean for your company? Gain valuable insights into the latest compliance drive, unraveling how the IRS plans to tighten oversight on employee-owned stock plans.